In the hands of experts…

We exploit underserviced areas in the medical device supply chain. Our suppliers benefit from superior insight, faster uptake, and sustainable contracts. Furthermore, because we work directly with mulitple sales and distribution organizations, we find the right fit your organization.

Your company/product will benefit from the following:

  • Technology Assessment: internal study / consultation with three domestic subject matter experts (clinical, corporate, and procurement)
  • Market Analysis: analogous technology trends / KOL search / broad purchasing dynamics / product drivers / regulatory influencers
  • Competitive Analysis: incumbent suppliers / GPO landscaping / market segmentation
  • Relationship Mapping: sales process design
  • Manufacturer Meeting: process review with manufacturer
  • Establish Selling Strategy: define feedback mechansims
  • Define Key Objectives: mutual milestones
  • Re-evaluation: monitor, adjust, move forward
  • Scale